Who is M.A.N?

Melbourne Art Nude (M.A.N) is a young male photographer from Victoria, Australia.

M.A.N aims to look underneath at what makes us all human and what brings us together, rather than what divides us.

Through the medium of photography they aim to start a dialogue about mental health, nudity and sexuality. Specialising in natural and available light portraits M.A.N aims to keep their aesthetic raw and organic.

Underneath our clothes, on the inside, we are all the human. We think, we feel and we struggle sometimes. The images shown here are designed to invoke a sense of similarity and variety simultaneously. Yes we all look different, some of us are thin, some of us are thick, some of us are pale and some are dark; we are all shades and shapes, but we all are human.

Having taken up photography around the age of 14, M.A.N has over a decade of experience behind the camera. Starting off with landscapes and street photography at a young age before moving into portraiture as an adult, M.A.N has a range of styles at their disposal.

Having worked in the lighting department in film+TV for several years M.A.N has a keen eye and understanding for how to identify and shape light. They bring that that knowledge to set with them along with excellent people skills that allows anyone to feel comfortable in front of their lens.


Self Portrait taken during Melbourne lockdown2020

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